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The Montreal Karate Club

Our Shorin-Ryu school practices Karate in the traditional way. Basic, classical techniques are highly emphasized, in order that students may develop a strong grasp of true Karate techniques.

There are three essential parts of our training:
1 - Kihon (Basic techniques)
2 - Kata (Classic Forms)
3 - Kumite (Sparring matches)

By observing these three important elements of training, students develop into well rounded martial artists, having not only the knowledge of Karate techniques, but the ability to apply this knowledge in real-life situations.

Training Schedule

Our scheduled classes are as follows:
--------------------------- 12h 30 -- 14h 00 18h 30 -- 20h 00 19h 00 -- 20h 30
Monday Karate Karate
Tuesday Karate
Wednesday Karate Karate
Thursday Karate
Friday Karate Karate
Saturday 09h 45 -- 10h 45:

Junior Karate

11h 00 -- 12h30


There are no separate classes for beginners or advanced karateka. All students train together. Both men and women are welcome, young and old alike. However, classes are reserved on Saturday mornings at 09:45am, for our very young karateka.


The school is located at 903 St-Zotique Street East, one block after St-Hubert Street, in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). Easy access via the Metro (subway). Get off at Beaubien Metro station, and follow the map bellow.